The healthcare field is growing every day, and the need for new innovative equipment and devices is in high demand. In today’s market hiring can be a challenge, outsourcing removes the need to hire your own team.

Outsourcing is often thought of as a strategic way for businesses to enhance their business potential and utilize their team efficiently. Outsourcing can be seen in areas such as human resources, finance & accounting, marketing, technology, product development and manufacturing.

Medical device outsourcing is an effective way to reduce labor costs, control cash flow, focus on core business functions, and access top talent. There can be misconceptions about what outsourcing is. It is not the practice of handing over the tasks to another organization and whipping your hands of the involvement and outcomes of these tasks. What outsourcing should be is a collaboration with an organization that has specialized knowledge that may be difficult to access cost-effectively.

Medical device outsourcing is not new, but it has become increasingly mainstream. Undoubtedly, medical devices provide many benefits to patients and assist healthcare practitioners in diagnosing patients safely and efficiently. Fortune Business Insights forecasts that the global market size of medical devices will reach 612.7 billion by 2025.    

Developing a successful medical device requires an abundance of skills and resources. Whether a startup, a smaller business, or a large corporation, your company may not possess the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise to address every facet of product development. 

Ultimately, the goal is to get your product to market faster. Working with an experienced outsourcing team with a long-established workflow and necessary protocols will help you get there more efficiently. Informed by our history, we have experience in the common mistakes and pitfalls associated with the type of device you want to develop. Design decisions will be more proactive, saving time and money and allowing your team to focus on growing your core business.

You want to find the right outsourcing partner who cares as much as you do about the device you bring to market. The advantages of working with the right partner include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Access to the Latest Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Expertise in Design, Development, Regulatory, Manufacturing & Distribution

Occam Design is dedicated to delivering only the highest quality medical components that meet both our customers and  regulatory standards. Our expert engineering, technicians, and machinists, coupled with our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, provide innovative and reliable solutions to the most challenging applications.

Check out our White Pages document on “Why Should You Outsource Product Development” to learn more about the key advantages of outsourcing your product development and how to select the right outsourced product development company and get your product to market faster.

OCCAM Design is ISO 13485:2016 Certified and FDA Registered. As a full-service development firm, OCCAM Design exclusively focuses on medical products and over 30 years of experience developing medical devices, combination products, and consumer healthcare products. OCCAM Design is an innovative leader in developing and manufacturing the highest quality medical devices. We are located in Louisville, Kentucky. You can contact our team at or via phone at 502.714.7200 for moreinformation on working with our team.